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I decided to write this story after many years of living outside Wales. The events described all took place in my youth in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Lliswerry has changed much in the interim, and I know this from my not too infrequent returns, and Newport in general has become almost unrecognisable over the years, resulting in my getting lost as some roads that I knew are no longer there, new ones have appeared, others changed beyond recognition.

It is pleasing to see that the Transporter Bridge, is once again fully functional. It is one of only a handful still in existence, and it has the distinction of being the only Transporter Bridge to be both in a town and a city. I refer not to the fact of Newport obtaining city status as "Gateway City", but to the fact that the Transporter Bridge was in the late fifties "in Cardiff", when of course it played a part as a "prop" in the film "Tiger Bay" starring Horst Buchholst and Hayley Mills. (Even Tiger Bay in Cardiff has undergone massive redevelopment, and is no longer recognisable, but I may return to that at a later date). To see that grand platform move across the Usk is sight for sore eyes. I did travel along the new road that passes by it on the western side, and noticed the changes that had taken place in the area that I had taken, and passed first time, my driving test in the mid-sixties. (Where I live they don't really know how to do proper hill-starts).

There are many people mentioned in this story and in some cases names have been changed, omitted, or just their surnames omitted. I have named some of my closer friends, but if anyone objects, those with my telephone number can call me to have the references changed, others please contact me by email in the box provided. If I haven't mentioned you, and you would like to be immortalised in this story, please do likewise. There are many of my old friends with whom I have long since lost contact, and I would be delighted to hear from them again, so please get in touch.

I hope that you all enjoy this account, and more will be added in the coming months/years. I have been asked for photographs of various places in Lliswerry, but my efforts so far have not uncovered any, although I know that I did take a lot of pictures when I was a youngster. As and when these pictures come to light, I promise those of you that have asked, that they will be placed on this site for you to download and copy.

Meanwhile, I have received these questions, and I wonder if there are any people out there with the answers;

Was ‘The Black Horse’ inn a coach house / staging post, on the lower Newport to Bristol route?  Was this when there was no bridge in Newport and travellers had to cross the Usk at low tide by the castle ford – or has there been a Newport bridge (of some sorts) since the year dot?  Anyway, bridge or not, the route to Bristol is indeed on the east of Newport.

Was ‘The Farmer's Arms’ Inn, on the Goldcliffe road, a coach house for Redwick and Magor.?  I did not have the impression that it was a coach house.  What route was it on, was it Newport – Bristol?  There is only a few miles (say 5) between the Black Horse and the Farmer’s Arms, could they both have served the same coach?

Was ‘The Lliswerry’, the pub on the Alway Estate, also a coach house, on the upper Newport - Bristol route?

It is with a heavy heart that I have to add that I have received sad news. Betty Smith passed away on 9th February 2009 at the very respectable age of 93 years, and my Aunt Gwyneth (Morgan) passed away on 11th February 2009 (two days later, one day after her 80th birthday). I shall re-write part of this website to incorporate these facts.



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