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A friend of mine, Dave Hughes, has brought out a book with the same name as this site and has similar material to that which can be found here, but isn't to be confused with this site. I have contributed a small amount and I have endorsed the book as the credits show.

If you want to buy the book, it's on sale at Amazon.

Lliswerry - Growing Up in 1950s South Wales by David Hughes - Price £8.99 paperback.


It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to report that Dave passed away last Saturday, 7th September 2013. I learned of it just as I was leaving for Carmarthen Bay on a short holiday. Therefore this notice is a week late in being posted online. I am greatly saddened by his passing, and will miss his highly amusing and witty emails. Ten years ago, we created a website called 'The Hughesletter', but Dave became more involved with writing books and it was put in 'mothballs'. However, I still have the files and whilst the actual website is no longer online, I will add the remaining bits to the Lliswerry website and try to recreate 'The Hughesletter' as part of it. There is a large amount of material to add, and some of his hilarious and in some instances poignant moments when his frequent bouts illness moved him to write some of his very touching and in some cases a kind of sarcastic view of the way life was treating him. Keep looking here for the 'Hughesletter'.



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